series logline and synopsis

LOGLINE: A small town girl with a razor sharp wit searches for the fairytale man of her dreams, but “happily ever after” gets tricky when her Prince Charming turns out to be a zombie.

SYNOPSIS: Sugar Willowick is an overachieving high school student and a part-time cashier at a car wash in Silsbee, Texas, a small town about 50 miles northeast of Houston. That’s where she meets the dashing…

…Za, a Civil War teen locked in the trunk of a car. He emerges lost, abandoned, without any memory and unable to speak.

Sugar takes him home and convinces her mother to let him stay while she posts pictures of him on the internet to search for any information about his true identity. A talent agent sees these pictures and loves the “handsome dead guy look” and books him a modeling gig.

Then layers of laughter unfold as the secret life of America’s next great male model rises to fame when Sugar reassembles her fractured family and together they probe this deepening mystery – is this handsome hunk really a zombie?



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