Teen Zombie Show

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Family zom-com!

A brilliant high school girl in the dull boonies of Texas falls in love with a wholesome teen zombie who lives in an abandoned car, but when the perfectly devout mayor launches a zany witch-hunt to rid both of them from her town, they battle back to stay in school and grow up “normal.”

This show goes zombie and beyond. It’s a funny and timely exploration of human life with diverse and sympathetic characters we deeply love. 

Sugar Willowick is an overachieving high school student in Silsbee, Texas. In the pilot episode, Sugar needs a date for prom, and she wants the perfect guy to go with.

She discovers “Za” a hunky teen zombie who is lost, abandoned, without any memory and unable to speak. His only identification is a tattered pizza delivery receipt with the remaining letters “Za” intact.

Sugar brings him home and posts pictures of him on the internet to search for any information about his true identity. And, she makes plans for prom with him until her mother prohibits any involvement between them.

Each episode highlights Sugar’s quest to discover the identity of Za against the wishes of her uptight mother, hippie grandmother, goofy uncle, best friend, and the evil mayor.   

Za is acknowledged by everyone as a zombie. But, he’s not a flesh eating monster. He’s a shy neat freak that likes chocolate chip cookies. Za lacks the verbal skills to speak, but he communicates via body language.

Za helps Sugar fulfill all her dreams as her character arc transforms her into a teen business consultant.

SA Teen Entrepreneur (@247teenbiz) | Twitter


A motivational speaker for a Fortune 500 company.

And, she starts her physics internship at the Johnson Space Center.


Za’s ongoing support for Sugar is the basis of their love…

…as Sugar juggles a widening divide within her family that wants to get rid of him – all while redefining what it means to be a zombie family.

And, at the end of the first season, the reward for the viewer will be more than just laughs. It will reveal how marginalizing people – zombie or otherwise – is harmful to us all, and we can strengthen the current state of family in America by treating all people fairly. 

And what about that evil mayor and the prom?  

Episode two:

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